Saturday, 23 April 2011

the terns return

I went to killingworth lake today as I quite often do and was glad to see the return of the terns and even more than last year. last year we had 2 birds on the lake this year the number has risen to 4. they sat on one of the jetty's until they flew off and started flying and diving for there lunch!
 herring gull (i think anyway)
 4 tern's returning
 back to back

preparing for flight

Friday, 22 April 2011

spotting new stuff!

A trip up to the cresswell area and the belford area proved quite rewarding for the amount of new birds i seen there. gadwall, garganey, tree creeper, nuthatch, black pheasant, woodpecker, and a few i have seen before such as wren, shovelers, mallards, chaffinchs. i saw my first ducklings of the year today to.  so a good day all round. although the only thing that was abit disapointing was missing a lesser spotted woodpecker as it landed on the feeder infront of my and was obscuered by trees and several more attempts to get it failed and i missed it again after going to get my tripod from the car for a landscape of the pond!

 black pheasant
 gadwall, female left, drake right
 garganey, female left, drake right
 garganey, as above
 garganey, drake
 shoveler, drakes 
two drake shovelers in pursuit of a female
 female chaffinch, coal tit in flight
my cousins attempt at getting
 the woodpecker as I was away
he isn't into photography if you haven't already guessed

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Beamish photography evening

I attended the first Beamish photography evening a few days ago and would like to thank Beamish Museum for a great evening without the crowds. I got what i think are a few good photo's hope you like them.
filling the tank
old train
coronation street
giddy up
looking back
L.N.E.R 985 and sentinel steam lorry
just waiting and waiting
into the distance
the colliery
sentinel steam

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Havannah and Bolam lake

went to havannah for about an hour or so saw a jay that's about it. then went to Bolam lake great landscapes and great birds. lots of chaffinch's and other small birds. also my first chance to use my new sigma telephoto 70-300 dg after accidently breaking my Sony.
 Looking towards the islands on Bolam lake
 Bolam lake
 Nesting mute swan Bolam lake
 Male chaffinch, Bolam lake
Blue tit, Bolam lake

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Morning at Seahouses and Bamburgh

Nice morning of wildlife and landscape photography some nice eiders at Seahouses, and some nice views to, eiders at Seahouse's were surprisingly very tame
 Drake eider
 Drake eider
 Drake eider
 The scream!
 harbor walk
 Seahouses Harbor
 Bamburgh castle
Bamburgh castle

Friday, 1 April 2011


"Nordic" jackdaw

Derwenthaugh marina

Female mallard

Killingworth whooper swan

Ladybird ladybird

just thought i'd set a blog up so i can show off my pictures! just a few ive taken recently