Friday, 22 April 2011

spotting new stuff!

A trip up to the cresswell area and the belford area proved quite rewarding for the amount of new birds i seen there. gadwall, garganey, tree creeper, nuthatch, black pheasant, woodpecker, and a few i have seen before such as wren, shovelers, mallards, chaffinchs. i saw my first ducklings of the year today to.  so a good day all round. although the only thing that was abit disapointing was missing a lesser spotted woodpecker as it landed on the feeder infront of my and was obscuered by trees and several more attempts to get it failed and i missed it again after going to get my tripod from the car for a landscape of the pond!

 black pheasant
 gadwall, female left, drake right
 garganey, female left, drake right
 garganey, as above
 garganey, drake
 shoveler, drakes 
two drake shovelers in pursuit of a female
 female chaffinch, coal tit in flight
my cousins attempt at getting
 the woodpecker as I was away
he isn't into photography if you haven't already guessed

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