Monday, 30 May 2011

Washington WWT

Saturday was spent at Washington, I was mainly looking to see and get a photograph of either the brood of avocet's or a woodpecker. I have been trying to get a picture of a woodpecker (any type) for a while but have failed to quite a few times but Saturday was my lucky day as I got one, i was very happy with getting it. I got a few other birds while in the feeding station hide such as bullfinch, coal tit, blue tit, great tit, and gold finch. I then moved on to wader lake and near immediately saw the avocet's and then went on to see there young, also in the hide was a nest, above the window line but sadly all the eggs seem to be cracked, i dont know though who the nest belonged to so if anybody knows let me know please. another thing of note was the lapwing trying to attack two heron's it at first swooped past them very close but then started to dive bomb them from above i think that the herons were trying to attack the lapwings nest but i'm unsure.

little ducky

mirror mirror on the water

Male Bullfinch

Great spotted woodpecker

Great spotted woodpecker

Two Avocet

Lone Avocet

Avocet attack

Avocet chasing shelduck

Shelduck chasing Avocet chasing Shelduck

Closing in

Avocet jumping on shelduck
Shelduck's over terns

lapwing attacking

unknown nest ?

Sunday, 22 May 2011

blyth battery war weekend

a trip up to blyth battery proved to be worth while as i got some good photos of the battle re-enactment. i went first around the stalls that were set up showing the two sides of the battle, the allies and germans.  there was a few other stalls around as well and i am now part of the wildlife trust. i then took some of the battle, when your looking at the photos the people playing the allies are going up the hill and the Germans were at the top of the hill. i'll leave it to the imagination as to who won!

Thompson in Willis jeep

St-Lo 5
up the hill
going down
where do i shoot?

changing magazines

Friday, 20 May 2011

killingworth lake and tynemouth

 Been back down to killingworth lake for the first time in about a week, quite a long time for me!. saw the great crested grebes but did not stop for a look as i have seen them before and they had not changed much. sat on the edge of the big lake and saw 5-6 mallard ducklings and the coot chicks which have grown considerably since i saw them last. i saw the greylag chicks for the first time in the nest but could not get a good angle for a photo. i sat and waited for the coots to come a little closer and they ended up only about an inch or two away from my foot and not at all bothered by my presence. alot of swifts flew over and a few martins as well. i struggle to get a good photo of either so there not to good, no whooper swan as far as i could see, the farmyard goose is still there and is quite vicious.  i also went to tynemouth on Thursday and got a few of fulmars and kittiwakes and a few nice landscapes as well.

 young coot
 mallard chick
 Steven the seagull
 farmyard goose
 young coot


Saturday, 7 May 2011

big waters and an update of the blog

Went to Big Waters and a few other places today, also since the last time i posted i have been to Washington wildfowl park, and Killingworth lake. not much at Big waters except 1 or 2 Common tern's. at Washington there was 2 Avocet's which have since then had a few chicks hatch , many Shelducks, 3 Lapwings of which i saw there could have been more. also Some Mallard ducklings, and yet again Common terns. and some young Herons.  At Killingworth the Great crested grebes have hatched and there are 3 at the moment on the little lake and i'm not sure as to what has happened to the ones on the big lake as they were nesting but have stopped and i have yet to  see them. The Whooper swan is still there, and seems to be flying with the Mute's. The Common terns are still there.

 Male Bullfinch, Washington
 Flamingo, washington
 Avocet, Washington
 Great crested grebe and young, killingworth
 Fighting coots, killingworth
 Hunting Heron, killingworth
 Heron, killingworth
 Whooper swan, killingworth
 Great crested grebe with fish in mouth, killingworth
 Black and white Swamp
Common tern, Big waters