Saturday, 7 May 2011

big waters and an update of the blog

Went to Big Waters and a few other places today, also since the last time i posted i have been to Washington wildfowl park, and Killingworth lake. not much at Big waters except 1 or 2 Common tern's. at Washington there was 2 Avocet's which have since then had a few chicks hatch , many Shelducks, 3 Lapwings of which i saw there could have been more. also Some Mallard ducklings, and yet again Common terns. and some young Herons.  At Killingworth the Great crested grebes have hatched and there are 3 at the moment on the little lake and i'm not sure as to what has happened to the ones on the big lake as they were nesting but have stopped and i have yet to  see them. The Whooper swan is still there, and seems to be flying with the Mute's. The Common terns are still there.

 Male Bullfinch, Washington
 Flamingo, washington
 Avocet, Washington
 Great crested grebe and young, killingworth
 Fighting coots, killingworth
 Hunting Heron, killingworth
 Heron, killingworth
 Whooper swan, killingworth
 Great crested grebe with fish in mouth, killingworth
 Black and white Swamp
Common tern, Big waters

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