Friday, 20 May 2011

killingworth lake and tynemouth

 Been back down to killingworth lake for the first time in about a week, quite a long time for me!. saw the great crested grebes but did not stop for a look as i have seen them before and they had not changed much. sat on the edge of the big lake and saw 5-6 mallard ducklings and the coot chicks which have grown considerably since i saw them last. i saw the greylag chicks for the first time in the nest but could not get a good angle for a photo. i sat and waited for the coots to come a little closer and they ended up only about an inch or two away from my foot and not at all bothered by my presence. alot of swifts flew over and a few martins as well. i struggle to get a good photo of either so there not to good, no whooper swan as far as i could see, the farmyard goose is still there and is quite vicious.  i also went to tynemouth on Thursday and got a few of fulmars and kittiwakes and a few nice landscapes as well.

 young coot
 mallard chick
 Steven the seagull
 farmyard goose
 young coot


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