Monday, 30 May 2011

Washington WWT

Saturday was spent at Washington, I was mainly looking to see and get a photograph of either the brood of avocet's or a woodpecker. I have been trying to get a picture of a woodpecker (any type) for a while but have failed to quite a few times but Saturday was my lucky day as I got one, i was very happy with getting it. I got a few other birds while in the feeding station hide such as bullfinch, coal tit, blue tit, great tit, and gold finch. I then moved on to wader lake and near immediately saw the avocet's and then went on to see there young, also in the hide was a nest, above the window line but sadly all the eggs seem to be cracked, i dont know though who the nest belonged to so if anybody knows let me know please. another thing of note was the lapwing trying to attack two heron's it at first swooped past them very close but then started to dive bomb them from above i think that the herons were trying to attack the lapwings nest but i'm unsure.

little ducky

mirror mirror on the water

Male Bullfinch

Great spotted woodpecker

Great spotted woodpecker

Two Avocet

Lone Avocet

Avocet attack

Avocet chasing shelduck

Shelduck chasing Avocet chasing Shelduck

Closing in

Avocet jumping on shelduck
Shelduck's over terns

lapwing attacking

unknown nest ?

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