Sunday, 5 June 2011

killingworth lake (late/early) and duridge bay

Wednesday night i was at Killingworth lake trying to get a good picture of the sun setting, which i did, and then the following morning i spent taking advantage of the excellent lighting that early morning brought with it. i was happy with the results to! a few days later i went on a visit to Duridge bay, compared to the Wedensday/Thursday it was very dismal, grey featureless clouds hung over and it was rather cool to. very few photos i was happy with aswell. Hauxley there was very little of what i could see anyway. then visited Duridge pools and Cresswell pond, Duridge again very little. Cresswell turned up 3 Avocets and many martins swifts and swallows.
A rest between skips
greylag gosling
 The island killingworth lake
In the breeze
Poaching pochard

Chasing pochard

The eye of the coot
Rise and shine
Young crow
Bit shy
House martin
Over the bank


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  2. Yes by all means, if you send me your email address i can send full sized copy's as i think these reduced copy's may look poor on the website.
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