Saturday, 30 July 2011

Farne islands

The day started when i set off with my uncle and cousin to visit a farm in longframlington, after seeing various birds including Great spotted woodpecker didn't manage to get a picture other highlights being greenfinch. We then headed up to belford, i had not been expecting to go to the farnes today, so therefor when i got offered the  chance to go i took the opportunity. We took the trip which didn't land. on the way out i saw several shag's and commorant's then a few Gannet's and a few pair's of Puffin's. Next i saw some grey seals bobbing in the water staring at the boat, the island next to the seal's had mainly Shag's, Commorant's and a number of Gull's. The next islands was the pretty much the same and so were all the islands until we the boat moored up on Inner farne and there was lots of sandwhich terns diving into the water and going back and forward to the rock's, that was about it for the trip with personal first's being: Puffin,Shag and Gannet. a very good trip!
Grey seal

Grey seal

Hide and seek

Lazing about

Stand up tall

In sync

Island view


Fishing boat

Longstone lighthouse

Catch of the day


Low across the water

Spindlestone deer

Friday, 29 July 2011

killingworth lake: pochards and canada

Nipped to killingworth lake today to try and get some different pictures, I ended up getting mainly Canada geese flying and chasing each other and got some of the family of Pochards on the lake, I also saw the young great crested grebe with a lone parent feeding it. Overall i'm happy with the pictures. Hope you like them to.
Pochard family

Copy cat

Young great crested grebe

In line

"Form up on leader"

Never mind Sunderland, its Killingworth airshow!

Not happy

In pursuit

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Richardson's dee park

I had a walk around Richardson's Dee Park in Wallsend tonight which was a very nice considering the lighting with blue sky and the sun just peeping through the canopy above every so often. i tried for a few different shots and i tried to get some good long shutter speed shots of the moving water and you can decide if they came off well but i am pleased with them. I also tried something different with putting my camera into black and white and putting a 50 year old "gelbgrun" yellow filter a 49mm fit orignally for a Exakta varex IIa, and the results were better than the ordinary b&w picture i also tried it with a colour photo and also liked the results i think it seemed to "age" the pictures, there was also lots of flowers in which came out well. so here are the pictures...
streaming down

Had a bit of a mess about with photoshop to



Yellow filter


Friday, 22 July 2011

Two posts in one (St. marys) and (Washington)

Firstly, last night i went out on a trip to St.marys island with West moor camera club ( ) and had a very good evening and i am very happy with the photographs i got to, the pictures i took will be under the next piece of text about Washington wetlands.that night I also saw my first sandwich tern to.
I arrived at Washington at about 10:30 and went nearly straight away to the hawthorn wood hide and began getting chaffinch's, bullfinch's and several blue and great tits there was also a bird which i could not identify so if anyone can help fell free to let me know what it is. then i saw my first lesser spotted woodpecker, i also managed to get a alright photo of a treecreeper which i am happy with as i hadn't managed to get a good picture of one. so alround a good two days of photography, I've also just picked up a Bencini comet ii so i look forward to using that.
St.marys island

Pair of sandwich terns

Sandwich tern

(juv.) sandwich tern

St.marys lighthouse

St.marys cliffs (portrait)

St.marys cliffs



same bird unknown

(Juv.) Blue tit

Lesser spotted woodpecker

lesser spotted woodpecker



Friday, 15 July 2011


Tonight just nipped down to killingworth lake to some pictures, ended up getting more insects and flies than birds as there seemed to just be the usual birds on the lake apart from the young grebes which i have photographed but i didn't think much of the photographs so i wont be adding them, right on to some photographs...
young coot with adult


Soldier beetle?

soldier beetle?

not sure some type of moth?

Green bottle fly ?

Green bottle fly