Saturday, 30 July 2011

Farne islands

The day started when i set off with my uncle and cousin to visit a farm in longframlington, after seeing various birds including Great spotted woodpecker didn't manage to get a picture other highlights being greenfinch. We then headed up to belford, i had not been expecting to go to the farnes today, so therefor when i got offered the  chance to go i took the opportunity. We took the trip which didn't land. on the way out i saw several shag's and commorant's then a few Gannet's and a few pair's of Puffin's. Next i saw some grey seals bobbing in the water staring at the boat, the island next to the seal's had mainly Shag's, Commorant's and a number of Gull's. The next islands was the pretty much the same and so were all the islands until we the boat moored up on Inner farne and there was lots of sandwhich terns diving into the water and going back and forward to the rock's, that was about it for the trip with personal first's being: Puffin,Shag and Gannet. a very good trip!
Grey seal

Grey seal

Hide and seek

Lazing about

Stand up tall

In sync

Island view


Fishing boat

Longstone lighthouse

Catch of the day


Low across the water

Spindlestone deer


  1. Nice trip out Sam. Might see if I can get the "Puffin Run" going again next year, which will get you up close and personal with a lot of the wildlife.

  2. that would be good, when your going around and dont land, you moving, the boats moving, the sea's moving, and most probably the bird is moving so i found it quick different and difficult still really good though.