Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Richardson's dee park

I had a walk around Richardson's Dee Park in Wallsend tonight which was a very nice considering the lighting with blue sky and the sun just peeping through the canopy above every so often. i tried for a few different shots and i tried to get some good long shutter speed shots of the moving water and you can decide if they came off well but i am pleased with them. I also tried something different with putting my camera into black and white and putting a 50 year old "gelbgrun" yellow filter a 49mm fit orignally for a Exakta varex IIa, and the results were better than the ordinary b&w picture i also tried it with a colour photo and also liked the results i think it seemed to "age" the pictures, there was also lots of flowers in which came out well. so here are the pictures...
streaming down

Had a bit of a mess about with photoshop to



Yellow filter


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