Friday, 22 July 2011

Two posts in one (St. marys) and (Washington)

Firstly, last night i went out on a trip to St.marys island with West moor camera club ( ) and had a very good evening and i am very happy with the photographs i got to, the pictures i took will be under the next piece of text about Washington wetlands.that night I also saw my first sandwich tern to.
I arrived at Washington at about 10:30 and went nearly straight away to the hawthorn wood hide and began getting chaffinch's, bullfinch's and several blue and great tits there was also a bird which i could not identify so if anyone can help fell free to let me know what it is. then i saw my first lesser spotted woodpecker, i also managed to get a alright photo of a treecreeper which i am happy with as i hadn't managed to get a good picture of one. so alround a good two days of photography, I've also just picked up a Bencini comet ii so i look forward to using that.
St.marys island

Pair of sandwich terns

Sandwich tern

(juv.) sandwich tern

St.marys lighthouse

St.marys cliffs (portrait)

St.marys cliffs



same bird unknown

(Juv.) Blue tit

Lesser spotted woodpecker

lesser spotted woodpecker




  1. Hello Samuel,
    Looking forward to following your blog and seeing your images. I reckon your unknown bird is a juvenile Bullfinch......a nice capture.
    Good luck with the photography and keep the posts coming. You will soon have a large following.
    Best wishes,

  2. thanks, when is saw the bird could not tell what it was so thanks, and i will.
    thanks again