Monday, 4 July 2011

Waddington Airshow Sunday 3rd July 2011

This weekend i went with my family to Waddington Airshow 2011, brilliant day, very hot. as soon as we got there one of the first things we saw was a E3D Sentry "AWACS" taxiing onto the run-way and then taking off. it then flew off and then came back afterwards to do a single fly past. A C-17 Globemaster II from the USAF came in. The next plane was a rc-135 rivet joint from USAF for a single fly past. the display went like this afterwards: Grob tutor display, falcons display team, Tucano T1 display, Merlin HM1, king air 200, team viper 5x hawker hunter, BBMF: Battle of Britain memorial flight spitfire, hurricane, Lancaster , Red arrows, B-17 sally b, lynx, hawk t1 display, USAF Thunderbirds, The blades, OV-10 bronco, t-28 Fennec, spitfire T9, Vulcan, royal Jordanian falcons, Tornado gr4's, Yak 52, f-16, Chinook HC3, Apache (AH64) AH-1, Vampire x 2.
the highlights of the day being The Thunderbirds and The Red arrows, the red arrows were excelent as usual and i think better than usual. The Thunderbirds were also very good.  The drive back was also nice and pictures of the dales may follow. anyway getting back to planes hard to choose which display was better so here are some pictures... 
Spirit of Great Britain 
Merlin HM1
Spitfire (rear), hurricane (front)

"Phantom of the ruhr" lancaster

Red arrows


Pass by

Cross over


Head to Head

Lynx cross


Thunderbird pictures to follow due to lack of space on this post

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