Thursday, 25 August 2011


Visited the farm again yesterday and stayed till today, i started by sitting on the top of the hill waiting to see if there was any buzzard's in the area and if any would take the bait. about an hour and a bit all i had seen was a few woodpigeons, a few crow's, swallow's and a few small birds which i could not make out what they were. I then got interrupted by the R.A.F.  a distant rumble of a helicopter I expecting it to be seaking from boulmer, the noise persisted until there was a far louder rumbling coming from right ahead of me, it grew louder and louder until Eurofighter typhoon F1 flew very low straight above me and then circled me and then the farm house well behind. it circled about 3 times and then there was a very low puma helicopter flew past and it then flew off with it. no Buzzard's after 2 and abit hour's nothing so and then left. Nothing much after apart from a single kestrel, tried for the badger's that night but nothing not even a sighting but did hear 2-4 Tawny owls. Today I tried going after Partridge (grey or red-legged) and successfully got a red-leg at very close range, i then went after hare's and I know realise a loud quad bike isnt the way to go about this but still managed to get a picture. after that then had a hawk t1.a pass very low over me but then banked away, didn't manage to get it as i didn't hear it coming
Eurofighter typhoon

Eurofighter typhoon F.1

Low puma




Swallow nest


Feeding time

"Cleared to land"

Pheasant and chick

Hare"y" encounter 

Partridge not in a pear tree

Red-legged partridge 

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  1. Love the picture of the Hare - the thistles are a result of our Organic farming methods - the Hares have always been here!