Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Gibside and a red kite

Visited Gibside today and i have to say it is a very nice place. I took mainly landscapes today but the sky had very little detail, blue sky did appear every so often but on whole not very often. The wildlife hide was good but may be better during the winter when there are no leaves on the trees as today it was very dark, iso 800 at 1/50 second was still very dark, not helped by the shadow of the hide. at iso 3200 1/50 was to bright so slightly faster shutter speed was needed but was very grainy,(sorry about the technical stuff if your not into photography). At one of the ponds there was lots of Damseiflies and Hoverflies. on the way round we heard a bird of prey of some description and got a brief glimpse but im not sure what it was and i've found it quite hard to find a positive match to the call made. On the way out i saw a large bird flying over the carpark very low and realised it was a Red Kite and managed to get a photo. not the best but still a photo.
Red admiral intrested in Ornithology

Column to liberty

Bank vole

Bank vole

Pond and Column to liberty



Common Blue damsefly



Flying into shot

Gibside chapel 

Red kite


  1. Hi Samuel,
    Your damselfly? is indeed a damselfly. It is a male Emerald Damselfly. All Damselflies rest with their wings lying along the body except for the Emerald which rests with the wings at 45 degrees.(Compare the wings on the Common Blue in your pics with the Emerald)
    All Dragonflies rest with their wings straight out at 90 degrees

  2. Thanks,
    Very interesting as I did not know that. I've done a few pictures of Damselflys before, and I think although there still about I think next year I will try to get more again than what I have got already.
    Thanks again, Sam