Friday, 12 August 2011

Good three days

For the past three days and a little while on Sunday i have been on a farm in Northumberland. on sunday it was just a quick visit and i got some i think interesting landscape shots, after walking around doing landscapes for a while i walked into a barn and walked upstairs and I was met with aproximate 4-5 swallows nesting just above on a wooden beam, i'm unsure on exactly how many there was though. i stood behind the open door and after a few minutes a adult came in and fed the chicks. it was very good to watch especially when so close to them (1meter-2meters away if that). I came back on Tuesday and stayed until Thursday. on Tuesday, when i got there the weather and sky was very good, so my cousin (who's been working there) took me to the highest point on the farm on the quadbike and i'm  quite happy with the pictures. The days spent there brought up good sightings of hare, partridge,woodpecker, one kestrel, and either a sparrowhawk or peregrine still unsure. on Tuesday night we went out at ten o'clock to try and find a set of badgers. unable to find them that night but did get a very good view of them on Wednesday night but did not get a picture because i was waiting to see if more came out but they did not and therefore didn't get a picture. But all round had a very good three days.
Highland cattle

Swallow nest

Pinus sylvestric or "Scots pine"

Lone on the moor

Looking down into the valley

Scenic northumberland

Slow motion water

Twin waterfall

Swallow chicks

Feeding time

Swallows feeding

bit disapointed that it isnt fully sharp


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