Wednesday, 31 August 2011

New but old camera's

Recently i have bought 4 camera's varying in price from car boot sales mostly and i thought i'd put some pictures up for people to look at if you want, so the first camera i bought was a Kodak brownie six-20 model d which when i bought it i found a used film inside so haven't decided whether to get it developed out of curiosity really. hard to get a film for it since they stopped making them 16 year's ago but can use 120 on a 620 spool. today i bought a Rank mamiya (4b) for £1.50 and this was the best camera and has cleaned up very well and is working very well, the second a Bencini koroll 24 for £5.50 and has came up well, and finally a kodak brownie cresta 3 for £2.50 which i'm happy with, and when i took these pictures on some i got bored and started messing about with a torch.
Kodak brownie six-20 model d

Brownie view

Rank mamiya

Mamiya light

Bencini koroll 24 r. and  a bencini comet ii ive had a while


Blue trail


A ribbon of light

Kodak brownie cresta 3

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