Thursday, 8 September 2011

An adder and a few bird's of prey ohh and a motorbike...

A few picture's from recent outings  that i haven't put on yet, firstly a Wild Adder I found it next to a owl box, while i was in search of any pellet's or any sign of activity, it wasn't to happy to be found either.
 I didn't get to close  to it , as if anybody doesn't know, if provoked an Adder is venomous and is the UK's only native venomous snake
.It was  hissing at me and growing slightly closer,  so i thought i'd better grab a few picture's and then get away, which i did. The next set of picture's are of Tame Bird's of Prey at Woolsingham show, and the last picture or two is of a bike and motorbike stunt team at Woolsingham show, hope you enjoy having a look.


Harris hawk

 Owl (?)

 Falcon (?)

Tawny owl

Tawny owl

Harris hawk portrait

 In-coming kestrel

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