Saturday, 15 October 2011

Owl spotting

The day started with sitting in a barn waiting to catch a sight of a tawny owl,  having seen it on previous occasions before flying out of the barn i was in.
 I walked into the barn quietly and heard a slight movement and got a quick glimpse of it flying out, having found pellets under the perch i sat in the corner of the barn and waited a few hours. alas nothing,
I left  the barn  and went in search of a nice landscape and found this brilliant view of the Coquet valley with a lone scots pine in the foreground. I then went search of somemore  raptors mainly kestrel or buzzard, but actually found when going along the edge of the field a movement as a bird flew into the tree, a pigeon maybe or a collared dove thats all i thought until at the same level as me two yellow and black staring eyes point directly towards me. A little owl, i reach slowly into my camerabag to find the camera had the short lens on (18-55mm) and quickly had to change to my 300mm i raised my camera to my face and with a quick and swift movement it was gone, i saw it fly off into the distance of the hill and could not find it again, BUT on the plus side my first sighting and picture of a stonechat, so wasn't all bad.

Immature Pheasant  

Immature Pheasant 

Red admiral 

               not to good picture but still managed after ages trying  to get a kestrel

Female Stonechat

Male stonechat

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  1. Hi Samuel,
    Just read your kind comment on my images of the Turtle Dove. Thank you.
    I've been in Kent for the last few days but been keeping an eye on birds in the north east and i haven't seen the T Dove mentioned for the last 2 days so it may have moved on.
    i can relate totally to your hours spent waiting for your owl without it turning up, i've done it loads of times with loads of different birds but you know when it does come off you might get that real special image.
    You did however end up with a cracking landscape after it. You have to have an eye to spot a good subject like that. I must admit that i'm not too good at it but it look like you are. Then some nice bird shots. A nice post.