Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Puppies (Brigburn)

Brigburn Puppies (seda's) 
There will be more to come on my website...


  1. Some lush shots there Samuel. They are cracking dogs when they are adults but just a bit more of the wow factor as pups.
    Just something to mention to you. There's a bird at Big Waters (near Wideopen) called a Turtle Dove. Get along if you can as you don't see them in Northumberland very often and cracking bird to get an image of with y camera. It's not too far from Killingworth. There's been a few birders up seeing it so will be easy to locate if there is someone there already. It's been near the radio mast in the field as you drive into the reserve.

  2. Hi, i saw it on your blog! looks really nice too! might try and get up to big waters, if i get the chance, will it stay for the winter now or will it move off soon?
    thanks for the good comment
    p.s thought your pictures of the turtle dove is really nice!