Sunday, 20 November 2011

Chaffinchs and highland cattle

I set my scope up on the top of the bracken covered hill and began to look for at least something in the sky or in the trees. nothing. After a little while and turned the scope downwards into the trees at the bottom of the hill, again nothing, apart from a crow flying past a tree in the distance. I could hear lots but could see very little. A few hours later I headed down the road to see if there was anything there and again little apart from lots of chaffinch and a flock of starlings maybe about 30 strong, I thought since there was little wildlife about to get a few shots of the highland cattle. As I was going along the road to leave I caught sight of a kestrel on the top of the hill and before I had time to get my camera it was down and out of sight. Suppose theres always next time!

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