Saturday, 5 November 2011

Killingworth lake: 05/11/11 Sparrowhawk

I decided to stay local today and go to Killingworth lake. On arrival there seemed very little of note, the normal Mallards,Swans, Geese (Greylag & Canada), Tufted ducks, Coots and a few Moorhens.
 The only things that were of note were 2 little Grebes and 4 Goosander (1 male, 3 female) . The autumn colours looked great at the top end of the lake, i struggled to do them justice. As i was just about to put my camera away i took one last look around before putting it away, when i looked upwards i found a Sparrowhawk above me so i tried to grab a shot when i could...
Little grebe (Dabchick)

These two really weren't happy!

...Either were these!

Female goosander

Swans "forming up"

Drake mallard

Mute swan in flight



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