Monday, 7 November 2011

Owl spotting 2

I had planned yesterday to try and get some better pictures of common Buzzards, but with the light being low and very bright, where i had planned to set up, i would have had the sun in my face and i wouldnt have been able to get a detailed picture of the Buzzards.
So instead i headed for the barn in which i knew there  was an Owl, even up until then i was unsure what type it was and  although i  think its a Tawny from what i have seen, but  i dont know if it is big enough. Anyway i went away and as i went up past some trees in one of the fields (where i have seen Little Owls before) all i could see at first were a few Jackdaws and Crows and the odd Pigeon, a little way past the first tree i stopped and as i turned my head to the left i quickly caught sight of a Little Owl flying off and into a tree a little way up the hill, since i had not seen exactly where it had went i thought it best not to try and find it only to disturb it more. Anyway here  are a few landscapes and one or two birds aswell. oh and the video was taken by an Eynimal pet camera which i received from the PDSA  for winning their  Pet Photographer of the year 2011,  so this was more of a test than anything plus the quality is much better,  when seen from the original file and not on the internet.


  1. Sounds like you had a very good day Sam. Very sensible decision not to follow the owl. Sadly I know lots of experienced birders who don't stop and think as you did.
    I especially like the black and white photos. I always think black and white reflects the mood really well. Cheers Brian.

  2. The light was superb on Sunday, Sam. You can get some nice light during the winter but the problem is the low angle as you mention. Another nice set of landscapes.
    I dont know if you read Brians' blog KILLY BIRDER but he has had sightings of Short-eared Owls in the Killingworth area. Might be worth e mailing him to see how close they are to where you live.

  3. Yes it was a nice day, i also spotted a hare and got a good view of it too although by then the light had gone and it was nearly dark. I thought it best not to follow the Owl.
    The light was great just in the wrong direction, it was very low to the east and i wanted to face east as i would be facing the wood where I always see them, so i really would have seen very little, but there's always a next time. Thanks and it was a really nice day and great to see the Owls however brief it may have been, and the other wildlife to. I contacted Brian the other day and am looking forward to going and having a look sometime in there near future, just hope i see them!
    Thanks again