Saturday, 3 December 2011

Big waters and Prestwick carr

We arrived at Big waters at about 1:30 ish and took a quick look in the bottom hide to find a few Black-headed gulls and about 3 cormorants. I made the decision it would be best to head for the hide at the top of the lake, all the way up Blackbirds, Finches and other smaller birds made their presence know by singing loudly. Looking out of the hide straight ahead were the Whoopers and possibly a few Bewicks Swans most of them had there head tucked behind there wings, so I couldn't tell. Lots of Teal, Mallard, Wigeon in front of the hide  (First time ive photographed a wigeon) Shoveler, Moorhen and Coot were also present on the water. GS woodpecker on the feeding station along with the normal, A reed bunting also appeared along with quite a few tree sparrows which is good to see. After a little while of sitting we decided to head to Prestwick Carr and see if i could get any shots of the Short-eared owls. It hadnt been 10 yards down the path and i quickly spotted one in a field infront and to the left of us, I got speaking to 2 or 3 people while inbetween getting excellent and close sightings of the SEOs, They have to be one of my favourite birds now, I counted at least six but I did hear quite a few people had seen 7 or 8 of them. It then started to rain and there was no sign of any birds flying around so we decided to head off. Loved watching the owls though!



Drake wigeon (left), Female wigeon (right)

Short-eared Owl


And in for the kill!

Just disappointed it didn't turn to face me

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  1. Great stuff! I'm pleased you got a few good sightings of those SEOs Sam. Amongst my favorites too. Brian.