Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Short-eared owl and Great grey shrike

A quick trip up to Prestwick Carr in poor light today. We arrived at about 3 to find one or two people stood looking into one of the fields, I was told the great grey shrike was on a bush in that field, putting the scope up I found it but my camera wouldn't reach so I turned to using my Ipod through the scope - It did a good enough job for my purposes, I was also told only 2 SEOs had been seen and neither flying. We walked a bit further along the road and found a SEO on the top of a tree, great views through the scope and even got a few shots from my camera although some needed quite a bit of cropping to gain a close view.
Great-grey Shrike (Ipod through yukon scope)
Short-eared owl (Ipod through yukon scope)

Short-eared owl

Short-eared owl

A bit of a wider angle to show the habitat 


  1. Hi Sam
    Nice one with the Great Grey Shrike!
    I think the owl taken through the scope is quite an effective image. It looks like a painting.

  2. Glad you connected with the Shrike Sam its obviously getting plenty to eat.