Thursday, 29 December 2011

A windy day out with killy birder

Yesterday me and Brian (Killy birder) set out to try and get a closer look at the waders along the coast between Seaton Sluice and St Marys Island. We began at Seaton Sluice and at first there seemed to be  only a few birds about until Brian spotted Eider ducks out on the rough sea, we moved around next to the hide and on the rocks below spotted Knot, Sanderling, Oystercatcher, Redshank and Turnstone. It was fairly windy then and the birds were quite far away so there was no real chance then of a good photo, but I did get a good view through the scope. We then moved into the "hide" and there was a few Curlew on the rocks below and at least one Cormorant flying south towards St Marys.
 I then spotted at a distance a larger bird which at first I thought was a Curlew until it grew closer and realised it was a Goose of some description, we couldn't decide at first whether it was a Canada or Barnacle, well at least I couldn't! until its underside came into view and it let out a call and it was a Barnacle Goose. We headed off for lunch at the fish and chip shop, and then off to St Marys and on the walk along the wind grew in strength until at one point I could barely stand up never mind take pictures, Along the path apart from a few Gull, Curlew and Knot there wasn't much to be seen until a Kestrel popped up over the cliff and was barely managing to hover because of the wind. My camera may have "Image stabilization" but it doesn't make a difference when you can keep the camera stable! I did in the end get a few pictures but not many, but I did have a good day out and look forward to the walk at Cresswell soon, thanks again Brian.
St.marys island





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  1. No problem Sam, enjoyed having you along.
    At least we got close to the Turnstones.:-)
    Thanks. Brian.