Sunday, 15 January 2012

Bittern and short-eared owls

We set out on a cold Saturday morning for Gosforth Park, I was again in the company of Killy birderBrian.
we went with hopes of  seeing the very elusive Bittern, I didn't have high hopes of seeing the Bittern but I was hoping I might. We first went into the feeding station which was being topped up with feed, the light was good and there was a good number of birds coming to the feeders, Blue tit, Great tit, Chaffinch, Robin and Blackbird to state a few, there was a plentiful supply of Nuthatch which were coming very close, in the distance Brian spotted a Woodpecker but it was to far away to photograph. We left in search of the bittern, on the way spotting Roe Deer and Smaller birds in the trees. There was plenty of Wigeon and Swan on the lake along with a Heron in a tree, and Snipe in the reeds.
 We were told the that the Bittern was about and we found it, with a good view for me to see it for the first time, It got better as we saw another fly over the lake and land, a Heron flew over and so did a Commorant and as Brian was being told that he had lost his wallet and it had been handed in, the Bittern began to make a move it certainly performed coming right out in the open for us! I was very happy with being able to get pictures of it so clearly. After we went to get Brians wallet from his house, that the warden helpfully dropped off, we headed to Prestwick carr and when we arrived the Owls were already flying but Brian again missed his Shrike by a matter of minutes, Close views were to be had and it was very enjoyable to watch, Press here to view Brians blog post about Saturday. Thanks again Brian.

What you looking at!?


Notice the frost on the tail


Not the best of photographs just to show a Bittern in flight

Short-eared owl

Just to show the habitat


  1. Great pictures Sam! Not many people will have captured the Bittern as well as this. Fab shots!

  2. Great photos Bittern Man.:-)
    That Nuthatch looks a bit of a thug.:-)