Monday, 6 February 2012

Lots of Robins, a Snipe and a Kestrel

A very cold winter night in Northumberland with snow on the ground and a clear sky, I stood and tried to get the night sky, I'm happy with the results and I am hoping they improve too. While stood taking the pictures using a 60 second exposure, it was very quiet and still, I stood listening to numerous tawny owls at least 4 by my reckoning all around me, one in particular sounded very close.
 I got up early  next morning to catch the sunrise as it glistened off the snow, and afterwards set off in search of either Snipe or Woodcock. I first of all came across Red-legged partridge, 2 of them stood in the snow. secondly the usual House sparrow, Robin, Pied wagtail and a few others walking down the field, I could hear and see Pheasant, and the sound of some movement which turned out to be 4 Hare running through the snow, as I walked into another field I flushed anipe which flew on, I luckily saw where it went and followed I hoped on seeing a it on the ground but again flushed it, I grabbed 4 pictures but they went the best as it was away very quickly. I then went on to see 3 Deer and several more Hare, and a Woodcock right off in the distant zig-zaging through the woods. A Kestrel also made an appearance although powerlines were behind it while I stood taking the pictures, It then went and perched up on the powerlines. overall a very good day.
The sky at night

Rural Northumberland by night

Rural Northumberland by night



Red-legged partridge


House sparrow

What you looking at!

Taking in the view

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