Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Holywell Dene 3/3/12

It was grey start to the day as we set out for Holywell pond and Dene, the light wasn't great with it being overcast which meant it looked as though not many photo's were to be had. Arriving at the pond Brian and myself looked at the "New" feeding station to find lots of blue tit, Great tit, Coal tit, Robin and Blackbird along with a few Finch's, Brian soon noticed that there was a female Brambling sat on one of the branch's above, being the first I had ever seen of Brambling I hurried for photos.
 Moving onto the private hide there seemed to be little about, a few Lapwing's there, a little Grebe there but apart from that not much apart from 1 or 2 Tree Sparrows in the feeding station. We then moved along to the public hide to find again little about, so we decided to move on to the Dene. The fields seemed only to hold a few rabbits and little else but moving along the avenue we found a bunch of long-tailed tit jumping from tree to tree and giving a great view of them too, they were joined by a Robin and one or two Blue's and Great's.
We decided to sit and wait in the dene to see if the Dippers would appear and they certainly did! Sitting next to their normal spot they performed to each other by dipping, flicking and bobbing their wings and just as they disappeared, Cain appeared and then pointed out that they were singing from the tunnel and on listening it echoed from the tunnel. After a little while there watching the Dippers come in and out of the tunnel we moved on to the feeding stations and bridges, the feeding stations were full of birds and mammals, Blue tit, great tit, Nuthatch, Blackbird, Dunnock, Robin and the feeders were giving very nice views of  Long-tailed tits, I noticed movement on the ground and realized there was a vole there and that it had been joined by another, they stayed there long enough and moved about to give good views and good chances for a photograph. Moving on to the next station we spotted a Rat and a few Blue tits with not very much else apart from a Great spotted woodpecker high in a tree above and a Song thursh next to it moving on once again, we spotted a Tree-creeper very close-up before it moved up the tree, soon after we spotted two Grey wagtails which we couldn't keep up with them moving up the dene. After this we moved back to the pond which held only what we had seen before although before entering the private hide, Brian spotted the White fronted goose. After sitting in the public hide for a little we headed off for home. A very good and enjoyable day, thanks Brian!

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  1. It's nice variety to get the likes of rats and the vole, as well as the birds I reckon.

    Nice pics as usual and I especially like the ones of the Long Tailed Tit. It's good to see it close up.