Thursday, 22 March 2012

Holywell spring and a warble or two

With Tuesday off from work experience myself and Brian headed out for Holywell. On arrival at the pond there was very little of interest apart from a few Mute Swans, the odd little Grebe, some Gulls and an odd looking Canada x Greylag goose hanging about, so we moved on to the Dene, on the way we heard a Skylark singing and saw many Pied wagtails in the fields being ploughed.
In the Dene we sat and waited for the Dipper with no luck apart from a quick glimpse flying up stream, the Grey wagtails appeared and gave a good views but unfortunatly this part of the Dene gets little light if any. After a little walk along the Dene and only a few Wren, Robin, Great tit and Blue tit to keep us company Brian spotted two Great spotted woodpecker in the trees but I was unable to see them.
A few landscape shots later we were back to the Dippers and one appeared, Treecreeper and Chaffinch were the other birds about as well as two Redwings having some water from the Dene, we watched 4 Great spotted woodpeckers having a heated territorial dispute during the middle of this I stood forward and a pheasant loudly erupted upwards while a Chiffchaff happily song across the Dene, a very enjoyable day of Dipper watching.
I headed out on my own today to Killingworth lake and before even arriving I had two peacock butterfly's fluttering around the long grasses and moving to the small lake I found a Great crested grebe feeding while the other one was on the nest. The sun shone down on the Swans preening and the Mallards flying and a walk through the woodlands brought Blue tits building there nest, Chaffinch's singing, two Song thrush sitting above in the canopy and the "chiffchaff chiffchaff" of the er', well... Chiffchaff!, I at first could not locate it exactly but a little patience and keeping an eye above me brought it and as I slowly followed behind it as it moved from one bit of the wood to the next, I was very happy to manage a photo of this beautiful quick, very quick little bird. On my walk home I heard several more I believe up to 5 to 6 more Chiffchaffs, all in all a very spring like warm day!
Grey Wagtail

Looking up the Dene

Singing Robin

Close up Robin



Oystercatcher in flight

Oystercatcher in flight



Chiffchaff chiffchaff

Looking comfortable there?


  1. A very different perspective up the burn.
    I like the Grey Wagtail and Dipper especially and well done with the Chiffchaff Sam.
    Cheers Brian

  2. It's good to get a pic of the Chiffchaff, as they are more easily heard than seen.

    Nice shots as usual.

  3. That cracking Redwing image made me realise how few i have seen over thye last few months. If you think Chiffchaffs are easy to hear but hard to photograph wait 'till you come across your first Nightingale or Cettis Warbler.

  4. Hi Johnny. Yes I can imagine, lol!

  5. While I think on: Congrats Sam on becoming the youngest member of the North Tyneside Business Forum!