Monday, 19 March 2012

The past few days in Killingworth and Gosforth park

 I have recently been spending alot more time at my local "patch" Killingworth lake, with spring approaching very quickly there has been a lot of activity in Killingworth. With the large numbers of Gooseander and Goldeneye leaving for the summer territories and the Great Crested grebes arriving it does seem spring is very close, infact I feel it is already here and has been for some time, I have seen a large increase of insects and bees recently and saw my first butterfly of the year on Saturday to my suprise  (Peacock butterfly).
 A look around the lake the other night brought the usual including a few Goldeneye and two Oystercatchers. on Saturday morning I spent an hour, hour and a half following the Grebes, I followed the bigger of the two which I suspect is the male as he hunted for fish quite successfully too, he came very close to side as there was not many people about although the female called very loudly and he was soon over to the nest sight. They have made quick work of nesting and mating. During my time watching them since they have returned I have seen them display and mate many times, with there seemingly being only 1 grebe on the big lake (although I have seen two on the big lake of recent) I feel they will not breed due to the dead "Reedbed" having no protection and no merit to using it at all, which is a shame as this side always gave good views of the birds nest fairly close-up. I will be keeping a close eye on all of the grebes this year and hope they have success in raising at least one brood.
On Sunday Brian and I headed out for a look around Killingworth and Gosforth park, starting at the lake we soon saw 3 Oystercatchers flying over head, this being an increase over the past few days. We watched the grebes again displaying before moving away with birdsong in the air and the distant sound of the White goose honking away on the other side of the lake, a few Goldeneye still floated about on the lake and a Pied wagtail made a close appearance and a Grey wagtail made a fleeting appearance over head.
Moving onto the Village and a Robin which I filmed a while ago made a welcome appearance and a nice picture, a Mistle Thrush sat in a field not far away and a bit further around the distinct sound of Chiffchaff filled the air, the first of the year for me. At Gosforth park, the feeding station was quieter than usual with no Woodpeckers but Treecreeper, Nuthatch and Reed bunting appeared, We looked but could not find the Green woodpecker but did find lots more Treecreeper and at the lake a heron flew, commorant sat and snipe were flushed from somewhere, sadly no bittern but you can't ask for everything.
A very good and enjoyable week and thanks again for the day out on sunday Brian!
A touch of Spring (Ice follies daffodils)

Another touch of spring (Carlton daffodil)

A large patch of spring

Great crested grebe

Great crested grebe

Great crested grebe

Great crested grebe

Great crested grebe

Great crested grebe

Walking on water! 

Walking on water! He was getting chased by one of the grebes

I'm outta here!

Oystercatcher in flight

Taken a month or two ago, not had chance to put it on
Female Goldeneye 

Drake Goldeneye 

Yet another touch of spring

Nuthatch (Gosforth park NR)

Treecreeper (Gosforth park NR)

Blue tit (Gosforth park NR)

Song thrush

Mr. F. Frog AKA Freddy

Grey Heron


  1. I know Mr. F's cousin. K Kermit.
    I smiled when i saw your Treecreeper image. I saw a number on the very same tree at Gossy Park 2 weeks ago. In fact i think i have almost exactly the same image. Keep an eye out for a few more appearing on blogs !!
    Some nice spring images, as excpected.

  2. Nice pics, especially of the Goldeneye!

  3. Love the walking on water shot -and the nuthatch and blue tit - oh and the Goldeneye, and the frog!! Lets just say they are all up to you usual standard!

  4. Thanks all, I have just realized that Mr.F is infact my Mr.T (No pun intended) Did mean to write Mr.T as in toad Nevermind! suppose his name now must be Teddy, I wonder if this Mr.T pity's the fool? thanks mark, took me nearly all winter and quite abit of waiting to get him that close, they really are wild unlike most of the birds on killy which are semi-tame, and thanks lynda I was (without sounding big headed!) happy with all of these shots :)