Wednesday, 27 June 2012

WWT Washington

No I haven't got any pictures from the wetlands.... but my pictures are entered in there photographic competition and I was wondering if you could please take the time (less than 5 minutes) to vote for my pictures, it would be greatly appreciated and I would be very thankful! Please follow the link to the competition and then find my pictures with Samuel Hood beneath them and vote for them, if you could please do this for both Washington and Caerlaverock, again it would be greatly appreciated and thanks for taking the time to do so! so just follow the link ----> Click here for the washington section
The last day for voting is Saturday so get your votes in!

I thought I'd also post a picture I took a few days ago of our Resident Woodmouse which lives in my back garden, its fast action of moving back a forward under the feeders while trying to avoid anything that moves is quite entertaining as it only seems to like to come out when it has starlings on the feeders above, presumably as it feels its some sort of protection!
Our resident mouse

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  1. Good luck for the comp Sam! (I voted for both your entries a while back).